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This is the Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") of SP- SSA International Terminal, abbreviated as SSIT or "we", applicable to the ePort System, abbreviated as "ePort" or "ePort system" at the address SSIT is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. This privacy policy explains our actual actions to collect and use your personal data.

This privacy policy is part of the Terms of Use of the ePort System. Your use of the ePort platform or service must comply with these Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. Unless specifically defined in this Privacy Policy, the terms will have the same definitions as in the Terms of Use.

1. Purpose and Scope of Information Collection.

The information we collect from customers helps us improve your experience on the website. Here are the types of information we collect:

Your provided information:
  • When you make a transaction or register/login to the ePort system, at different times, you may need to provide some necessary information to help us accurately identify the payment and delivery details for the recipient. We collect all the information you post or actions you take on the ePort website. You can choose not to provide us with certain information.
  • Automatic information: We record and store various types of information every time you interact with ePort. For example, we use "cookies" like many other websites to record certain types of information when your web browser accesses the ePort system or when advertisements and other content are displayed on ePort or on other websites about ePort.

Mobile devices:

When you download and use the applications provided by ePort, we may provide you with location- based services such as notification of container delivery and suggestions for nearby locations. If you find it inconvenient and do not want to continue using these services, you can completely turn them off.


Your email is required to register an account, login, and receive order information or invoices from the ePort.

Information from other resources:

We may collect information about you from various other sources and add them to your account information:

Payment information through the payment gateway: This is an important note when you make payment using a payment card through the online payment gateway. Your card information is securely protected by the Payment Gateway Provider, the Bank, and the International Card Management Center (for international payment cards). Please note that ePort does not record and store customers' payment card information. In order to resolve payment disputes, for each individual dispute case, we will request you to provide payment card information for reconciliation and coordination with the Payment Gateway and the Bank for processing. The dispute records will be stored and strictly secured by us.

2. Scope of Information Usage.

Customer information is an important data for ePort to exploit and improve customer experience. ePort's business operations do not involve selling that information to third parties. We only provide customer information to the parties listed below or to third parties to ensure customer rights according to ePort's security commitments.

The partners that ePort does not control: We have close partnerships with many partners. One of the partners you may see is online payment providers. In other words, when a third party is involved in your transactions, we will share customer information related to that transaction with the corresponding third party.

Independent service providers: We use other organizations and individuals on behalf of ePort to perform certain functions such as providing payment services through cards... They may have access to the necessary personal information to complete their work, but they are not allowed to use that personal information for other purposes.

Advertising and promotions: Depending on the partnership program, ePort may send advertising and promotional information on behalf of affiliated partners to certain groups of customers. However, we do not provide your name and address to the partners. If you do not wish to receive this information, please select Unsubscribe at the end of the email you receive.

We will provide account information and personal information to protect ePort and other partners, as long as we believe that providing this information does not violate the law; is required or in accordance with the Terms of Use and other agreements; or to protect the rights, property, and safety of ePort, other customers, and other entities. This provision may include exchanging information with companies and organizations to prevent fraud and minimize risks. However, this provision does not include selling, renting, sharing, or disclosing personal information for commercial purposes.

With your consent: In some cases other than those mentioned above, you will be notified that your information may be shared with third parties and you have the right to choose whether to allow such sharing or not.

3. Information Retention Period.

Customer registration information will be stored at ePort until you terminate the use of the service, in accordance with the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

4. Address of the Unit Collecting and Managing Customers' Information.

SP- SSA International Terminal (SSIT)
Address: Phuoc Loc Commune, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, Viet Nam
Phone number: 0254 39 38 888

5. Means and Tools for Users to Access and Edit Their Personal Data.

You have the right to access information about your account and your interactions with ePort for the purpose of viewing, editing, and updating information.
As mentioned above, you always have the choice of whether to provide us with information, even in cases where that information is necessary for ePort to process your orders or for you to take advantage of special features of ePort such as Personal Account, Ratings, and service recommendations near you.
You can change your Information Preferences to prioritize the information you want to receive.
If you do not wish to receive emails from us, you can select "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email we send you.
The Help feature in most browsers allows you to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, notify you when your browser receives new cookies, or disable the cookie-receiving function. Additionally, you can also block or delete similar data used by browser add-ons by changing the settings of the add-ons or accessing the website of the add-on provider. Since cookies enable you to take advantage of many special features that we have designed for you, we recommend that you allow your browser to accept cookies.

6. Commitment to Secure Customer's Privacy.

When you provide us with your personal information, you agree to the terms we have outlined above. ePort is committed to protecting customer's personal information through various security technologies. We will take every possible measure to ensure that this information is not accessed, used, or disclosed unintentionally.
However, due to technical limitations, no data can be transmitted over the internet that can be 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot provide a definite guarantee that the information you provide to us will be securely protected, and we cannot be held responsible in the event of unauthorized access to your personal information, such as when you voluntarily share information with others...
Therefore, ePort also advises you to secure any information related to your access password and not to share it with anyone else. If you are using a shared computer, you should log out or close all open website windows.

7. Terms of Use, Notification, and Modification.

When you access the ePort - Electronic Port, your access and any security-related issues are subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, including limitations of liability, dispute resolution, and the application of Vietnamese law. If you have any questions regarding security at the ePort - Electronic Port, please contact us via email at
As the ePort - Electronic Port continuously improves its services and products to better serve you, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will be regularly changed and updated. We may email you notifications about changes in these policies. However, we also encourage you to regularly check our website for updates on our policies. Unless otherwise stated in a separate document, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information we have about you and your account.
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