Customer Policy

1. Scope of Application.

The customer policy only applies to customers using the company's services and products.

2. Payment Methods.

Customers can choose the payment method after placing an order on the website

  • Direct payment at the company (cash).
  • Online transfer to the company's account number.
  • Payment can be made directly through the E-commerce website of SP- SSA International Terminal (SSIT).

3. Policies on Reservation and Refund of Expenses.

If the delivery order is cancelled or modified by either party due to force majeure reasons (fire, weather, accidents, natural disasters, war, epidemics, postponement, rescheduling, and cancellation or other changes of transportation means or other force majeure events as prescribed by law...), then both parties shall not be liable for any compensation for the losses incurred and shall not assume any legal responsibility. However, each party is responsible for making maximum efforts to assist the affected party in order to minimize the losses caused by force majeure reasons.

4. Regulations on Resolving Customer Disputes and Complaints.

In case of disputes, our company always prioritizes resolving them peacefully, putting customers first. Our dispute resolution process is as follows:

  • Step 1 : Customers can file complaints about our services via email: or phone number: 08. 6857.1907
  • Step 2 : The company will receive the customer's complaint and then propose an appropriate solution for both parties within 7 days from the date of receiving the complaint.
  • Step 3 : If negotiation fails to resolve the dispute, it may be necessary to seek legal assistance to ensure the rights of both parties.

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