·         Monitoring and controlling containers exporting, importing from ship/barge at wharf to the yard or vice versa.
·         Instructing the QC crane driver to follow the assigned work steps.
·         Coordinating vehicles, checking container status, checking seals when loading and unloading on ships/barges.
·         Guiding and assigning relevant staff to perform work at the wharf area.


·         Has a relevant diploma or technical certificate
·         Requires at least one year of working experience, preferably with experience in container port operations.
·         Must have a good understanding of port operation process; process of exporting and importing goods at container ports
·         Ability to read and understand basic English
·         Good communication skills.
·         Good checking and organizing skills.
·         Skills to work in teams or groups; Good cooperation with colleagues and superiors.
·         Understands safety regulations, safe working procedures, safe material handling procedures, and follow safety and work instructions.
·         Has careful, thoughtful, agile, honest attitudes
·         Ability to withstand high pressure of work
·         Conscious to protect assets and goods of customers and companies within the scope of work.
·         Ability to communicate operational instructions and information via two-way radios (walkie talkie).
·         Understands and can use the commonly used hand signals for communication without radio systems.
* Please apply online or send your CV to:
SSIT usually recruits many different positions for Operation Department as follows:
  • Crane operator (QC Operator)
  • Operator of RTG (RTG Operator) crane
  • Tractor driver (Truck Operator)
  • Forklift Operators (SP / Forklift Operators)
  • D&W Controller (D&W Controller)
  • Interns (Interns)
Candidates can submit job application at the Company’s Security Guard Office, or Human Resources Department, or email to:
Application should mention the application position and include curriculum vitae, certificate of qualifications, relevant work experience and contact information.
Note: The application file should be notarized copy / copy only, not the original. The company will not return the application dossier.

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