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Dear Customers,

SP-SSA International Terminal (SSIT) would like to express our sincere thanks for your trust and choosing our services.

SSIT would like to provide the best service to customers, apply information technology to improve operations process, payment process, in the direction for simplicity, reducing transaction time and faster operation. SSIT’s ePort is a platform for customers to look up information as container number, vessel visits and make online payments for ordered services through SSIT’s Gates.

We would like to announce that SSIT will launch ePort from 22nd January 2024.

Detailed procedures kindly refer link for instructions as follows:

For activating your account in SSIT’s ePort, fill in the required information as the attached document and send e-mail enclosed with supporting document to Gate team & IT Team of SSIT for assistance. No cash payment at gate counters is accepted from 1st April 2024.

Steps to register ePort account:

1. Use the link below to download the registration form -> Fill in with needed information, sign and stamp -> Then attach the registration form + Certificate of Business Registration and email to our Gate & IT Team:

2. After verification, we will reply to your email with login information.

For further support during the implementation, please kindly contact our team as follows:

Gate Team (For Operation & Payment Transaction Support):

IT Team (For Technical support):

Financial Team (For Payment Transaction Support):

Thank you for your support.

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