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SP-SSA International Terminal (SSIT)

Location: Cai Mep River, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, South Vietnam (85 kilometers SE of Ho Chi Minh City) (10°30’11.2″N 107°00’37.1″E)
Size: 148.3 acres / 60 hectares
Water Depth: 54.1 feet / 16.5 meters
Berths & Length: 2 berths, measuring 1,969 feet / 600 meters for vessels and 1,394 feet / 425 meters for dedicated barge berth
Cranes: 4 ship-to-shore super post-Panamax
Truck Lanes & Scales: 4 reversible lanes, 2 scales
Reefer plugs: 266 plugs for live reefers 
Cargos / Commodities Handled:
Project Cargo / Breakbulk
Heavy Lift Service: Up to 100 metric tons under the cargo hook
Barge Access: Multiple river access routes to and from Cai Mep
Highway Access: Road access is via National Highway 51

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